HEG provides the following types of aerial surveying services:


· Topographic surveying & mapping

· Point cloud generation

· Orthomosaic maps

· High-Resolution aerial imagery

· Watershed simulation

· 3D Models


HEG owns and operates several UAVs to perform topographic surveys, create orthographic maps, simulate watershed runoffs, and generate 3D models. This allows us to view areas that are otherwise inaccessible or dangerous to reach, such as building facades requiring spall repair or the undersides of bridges over waterways, and perform assessments on the structural condition of existing structures.



HEG recently performed an aerial survey of the Waimanalo Flood Control Channel. Capturing point clouds and aligning them with NOAA’s LIDAR data allowed HEG to simulate the watershed from nearby mountains, create a detailed topographic map, and form a high-resolution map overlay for drawings.