Civil Engineering

HEG is staffed with a licensed civil engineer, a licensed surveyor, and six in-house survey crew members. Up to three survey crews can be deployed at once.

Aerial Surveying

HEG owns and operates several UAVs to perform topographic surveys, create orthographic maps, simulate watershed runoffs, and generate 3D models.

Structural Engineering

Our team of structural engineers at HEG is experienced with the design of many different types of buildings and structures.




Hawaii Engineering Group

We are Engineering Professionals in Hawaii

Hawaii Engineering Group, Inc. was established in November 1993 and is SBA certified. HEG is a self-certified small disadvantaged business enterprise. We are a full-service consulting structural engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering and land surveying firm.

Our Services

Aerial Surveying

High-altitude mapping technology.

Bridge Inspection

Critical for transportation infrastructure safety.

Civil Engineering

Designing and building infrastructure.

Construction Management

Planning, coordinating, overseeing construction.

Electrical Engineering

Designing and developing electrical systems.

Land Surveying

Measuring and mapping terrain.

Land Use Permits

Helping navigate complex zoning regulations.

Photovoltaic Design

Solar power system design.

Structural Engineering

Designing strong, stable structures.

Telecommunication Site Design

Designing networks for seamless communication.