Industrial conveyor tower foundation at Hu Honua, Hilo, HI.

Hawaii Engineering Group (HEG) is currently providing civil engineering, structural engineering, and land surveying services for this design-build project. The 24 MW biomass power plant is in construction on a 25-acre parcel at the former Hilo Coast Power Co. facility.

The facility will utilize locally collected and grown biomass material and non-mulchable eucalyptus wood chips to generate renewable energy, which will produce up to 10% of the island’s electricity needs.

HEG has provided civil design drawings for a new water line between two wells and the 24 MW power station, as well as a pressure analysis of the designed system. Work also includes water tank design, and tank foundation structural requirements. We are also providing the structural engineering design for several areas of the power station, including a biodiesel tank foundation and containment, and the electrical substation equipment foundation and equipment shelter. Additional work includes the general arrangement and civil drawings for duct trenches (horizontal and vertical layout), and placement on a current topographic survey site plan.